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Cedar Roofing

Few materials can give a home such a high degree of rustic beauty as cedar shingles. This distinctive roofing material is one of the original building materials. Each shingle is split from real solid wood, and retains its own unique character. When you’re looking to add old world charm to your home, it’s worth investing in a cedar shingle roof.

Cedar roofing can last for decades if the installation is performed by a knowledgeable company. With nearly three decades of experience, Topper Construction has the resources and expertise to deliver the beauty and longevity of cedar roofing to your home.

What are the benefits of cedar shakes and shingles?

Cedar wood is a naturally durable material. It has a natural ability to withstand the pressures of heavy rain, strong gusts of wind, dense snowfall, and even hail. This durability is multiplied with the addition of stains and treatments that make your roof even more water resistant, protect it from erosion, and reduce the possibility that moss will grow. As long as you keep up with recoating your cedar roof, the combination of these two sources of strength will lead to a roofing material that lasts longer than your typical asphalt roof. As cedar ages, its natural coloring fades to a unique gray tone that will be admired by many.

Cedar Roof Maintenance

While cedar roofs perform well against the elements, the best way to prolong their lifespan is to keep up with maintenance. Once or twice a year, you’ll need to spend some time clearing debris away from your cedar roof. Be sure to remove any leaves, pine needles or moss that may be growing. An important aspect of cedar maintenance is making sure there aren’t any tree branches hanging over the top of your roof. These can create shade which will impede the wood’s ability to dry. Retained moisture can increase the possibility that moss or mildew will grow on your cedar roof.

With Topper Construction, you’ll see the benefit of nearly three decades of experience. If you are interested in learning more about cedar roofing, contact Topper Construction at 301-874-0220 or email us at We can help you with projects in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia.