Attic Ventilation and Keeping Your Home Cool

attic ventilation

Keep cool all summer long with proper attic ventilation!

Attic ventilation, especially proper attic ventilation, is important any time of the year. But with the fullness of summer on its way, keeping your home cool is a higher priority than in say, February. In this edition of the blog, we’ll cover three ways you can ensure your attic is properly ventilated.

Keep Cool All Summer Long with Proper Attic Ventilation

Upgrade Your Attic Vents: The first step toward achieving proper attic ventilation is upgrading your attic vents. By upgrading your attic vents, you can allow more hot air to escape. Attics may be useful storage spaces, but there’s little point in using them if your attics are uncomfortably hot. Besides, many objects that could typically be stored in an attic might suffer some form of damage or warping from being exposed to high temperatures for too long.

Your friendly roofing contractors here at Topper Construction can help you determine if your attic has sufficient ventilation and if more vents need to be added.

Use An Attic Fan: Another solution is to use an attic fan. While vents such as soffit, gable, and ridge can help keep lower attic temperatures, attic fans can contribute as well. Much like ceiling fans in other parts of the home, attic fans can blow away hot air and distribute cooler air when it is needed. These particular types of fans tend to be both bigger and more effective than regular ceiling fans, and are often positioned near the top of the roof. These fans keep your attic cool by expelling the hot air, and a delightful feature of these fans is that they are often equipped with heat sensors. These heat sensors, or thermostats, will activate when excessive temperatures are detected; excessive temperatures fall within the range of 100-110° Fahrenheit.

A Cool Roof Means a Cool Attic: If you’ll pardon the pun, cool roofs are more than just aesthetically pleasing. Roofs often take the brunt of the light and heat from overpowering sunshine in the summer time. Get a jump on this before summer hits its stride. You can use cool roof coatings to reduce heat absorption by your roof. These coatings are typically lighter in color or made of reflective metal instead.

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