Preparing Your Home for Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing is as important in the middle of a season as when the seasons are changing. So, as the true beginning of summer approaches, it’s best to be prepared.

Summer storms can bring huge amounts of rain and wind. If your home’s foundations are unprotected, now is the time to rectify that situation. Foundation waterproofing is as important in the middle of a season as when the seasons are changing. So, as the true beginning of summer approaches, it’s best to be prepared. Here is how you can go about preparing your home for foundation waterproofing.

Plan Ahead for Foundation Waterproofing

Always plan ahead for foundation waterproofing. Bad weather can affect the timetables for this kind of work to be completed. Availability of contractors, subcontractors, and other workers can affect the pace of completion as well. Planning out how the waterproofing will go before beginning the actual waterproofing process will save time as well. Lines of waterproofing stretching in certain directions, such as diagonally will not work as effectively.

Tips to Follow

Here are some other tips to follow:

  • Mark the lines with chalk, depending on how complicated the foundation is.
  • Tell the waterproofer to stay a certain amount of inches away from the topmost edge of the foundation.
  • Think about walls, windows, and porch foundations that don’t require waterproofing and decide how to approach them,
  • Waterproof any walls that have soil on one side and a living space on the other. Also be sure to waterproof other nearby areas that intersect if you predict a lot of moisture will gather there.

Existing Waterproofing

Your existing waterproofing needs to be protected as well. The backfilling process is when new waterproofing is most vulnerable, but existing waterproofing will likely be exposed as well. A simple protection board should be enough to cover the waterproofing. When you are attaching protection boards, make sure that the adhesive you use will not react poorly with the membrane used on the waterproofing. Also be sure that other workers do not damage waterproofing membranes that have not yet been sealed. Although you may be exercising caution, other people around might not be so cautious.

Safety Concerns to Remember

Waterproofing can be potentially dangerous. Do not attempt to undertake waterproofing tasks by yourself. And if you have professional workers come in, make sure they stay safe as well. Here are some possible safety concerns to keep in mind:

  • Fire Hazards: Solvents are commonly used in waterproofing products, but not in the products that Topper relies on. That being said, it is better to keep any potential sources of heat or fire away from waterproofing tools and products.
  • Breathing Hazards: Respirators are important as well, especially to dispel solvent fumes. When foundations need to be dug out before the waterproofing process, fumes can build up.
  • Possible Injuries: Eyes and skin must be protected against possible injuries. Gloves, goggles, and personal protective equipment and other associated pieces of gear should be worn and kept in good condition.

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