4 Problems That Will Affect Your Roof This Spring

4 Problems That Will Affect Your Roof This Spring

Winter is finally receding, which means spring is on the way. Even so, that has its own complex set of problems that will affect the integrity of your roof.

The time has come to address home damage issues. Even the best materials will degrade, and that means looking ahead to what happens next. Winter is finally receding, which means spring is on the way. Even so, that has its own complex set of problems that will affect the integrity of your roof. Let’s find out what they are

Moisture Damage 

The old saying that “April showers bring May Flowers” is true, if not a bit cliche. That said, preparing for all of that extra moisture begins in February and continues in March. Moisture can get trapped in the trees above your roof or the roots around your foundations. As sturdy as these structures are, water is insidious and can infiltrate the narrowest cracks. Deal with signs of moisture damage as soon as you find them – call on the experts here at Topper Construction to find out what you should do to keep your home’s roof intact

Sealant Failure 

Another issue relates to the seal on your break. The seal can break, and eventually, a small nuisance will become a big headache both figuratively and literally, especially if you have a mold or mildew allergy. Seasonal changes mean unstable temperatures that will fluctuate on what feels like a daily basis. Broken sealants allow for more moisture damage. This issue, in turn, leads to shingle breakage and pest invasion.  

Shingle Breakage 

Here is what you need to know about your roof shingles: even the best of them break down. Shingles are damaged or destroyed by frost, ice dams, high winds, and errant sports equipment such as baseballs or frisbees. You may also have something wrong with the gutters, and by extension, the siding of your home. Ignore broken shingles at your peril. Getting them fixed right now will save you plenty of trouble later on when the existing problems invariably get worse from here on out. 

Pest Invasion

Be mindful of the birds, critters, and insects getting into your attic. The roof can suffer from pests and other wild animals, making your roof their new nest.  Ants, termites, mice, and squirrels can also get inside, which creates an enormous problem for everyone under your roof. It’s time to get ahead of the swarm and defeat them before they gain any ground on your property! 

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