4 Reasons You Could Need Roof Repair This Fall

4 Reasons You Could Need Roof Repair This Fall

Even if your home now has a newly-replaced roof, here are some reasons you might need roof repair already.

Just because the weather is calm, it doesn’t mean something hasn’t happened to your roof. Even if your home now has a newly-replaced roof, here are some reasons you might need roof repair already.

The Weather

As long as the weather is mild, you shouldn’t see any weather-related issues affect your roof. That said, the weather is the leading culprit behind the damage that necessitates roof repair. Hail can cause plenty of damage, and here on the east coast, you’ll have to put up with shifting conditions that could bring wind, rain, and sun, all of which can ruin your roof if you don’t maintain it.

Insufficient Maintenance

It’s possible that you’re too busy to maintain your roof, replacing broken shingles and removing broken tree limbs and leaves that could lead to severe water damage on your roof. Even so, if you don’t maintain your roof, it is much more likely that any repairs you will need are going to be more costly and take longer to fix.

When you’re busy working on your roof, take some time to look for cracks, leaks, or gaps that shouldn’t be there. You might also be able to spot mold, mildew, and rot. Besides a visual inspection of the roof itself, looking at the ceilings and walls inside your home could give you clues about the presence of water damage, especially if you go up into the attic and look around as well.

Physical Damage

Unfortunately, this is the time of year when the trees around your home are going to be shedding their leaves. Birds, squirrels, and other animals will also be looking to use your roof as a convenient place to build a nest or a hideaway for the winter. Tree branches falling on your roof can leave some lasting scars. Plus, the wild animals on your roof could cause mischief and mayhem that you can’t immediately find and fix – wearing away the granules on your roof shingles or tearing open ventilation covers, for instance. They might even loosen or damage your gutters.  

Gutter Problems

Maintaining your gutters is as important as making sure you arrange any necessary roof repairs. If your gutters are prone to clogging or have come loose, then that is bad news for you. That’s because gutter problems can cause structural damage to your roof, which is something you don’t want to happen to your home.  

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