4 Reasons You Need New Gutters

New Gutters on Residential House

Invest in new gutters to prevent structural damage and water damage to your home.

It’s no secret that gutters are hugely important in whisking water away from your property during a rainstorm. With all the rain that we’ve endured in the past few weeks and more spring showers and summer storms sure to come, we want to make sure that your home isn’t vulnerable to water damage as a result of old, faulty gutters. Here are 4 indications it might be time to spring for new gutters.


This is an easy one. If you step outside and look at your home and your gutters are visibly cracked, it’s obviously time for a set of new gutters. Not all cracks will be visible though, so a good way to test for smaller ones is to take a peek during the next rainstorm (a gentler one), or spray your hose onto your roof, and see if any water is leaking through the gutter where it shouldn’t be.


Visible damage can also manifest itself in peeling or chipping paint or rust spots. Gutters are typically painted with special paint that will resist standard weathering. However, chipping paint or visible rust spots could be indicators that water is pooling, therefore not being removed properly by the gutter, therefore reducing their efficiency and lifespan to protect your home. Once rust has started to form, structural integrity has likely been compromised, and new gutters are probably the best solution.


Gutters shouldn’t sag or pull away from your home. This is another likely indication that water is failing to drain properly, making your gutters too heavy for their support system. It could be a simple de-clogging excursion, or you could need new gutters altogether if the sagging has made them structurally unsound.

Water Damage

If water is leaking or overflowing from your gutters, you may not know it, but your home sure will. Water damage can manifest it in the form of mildew on your siding, thanks to a constant drip stream of water, or it can find its way into your foundation with improper drainage. If your gutters and downspouts aren’t properly moving water away from your foundation, where it can weaken the structure and find its way into the basement, new gutters should solve the problem.

If you’re in need of new gutters this spring and summer you know who to call. No, not Ghostbusters — Topper Construction! We have plenty of experience with gutter and downspout installation and would be happy to help with your project.

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