5 Frequently Encountered Problems With Metal Roofing

5 Frequently Encountered Problems With Metal Roofing

What is one of the most versatile and durable materials you could consider for your home? The answer is metal roofing.

What is one of the most versatile and durable materials you could consider for your home? The answer is metal roofing. Your neighbors might have already chosen to install a metal roof. Don’t get left behind – find out how to add this incredible solution to stop leaks coming into your home this winter. If you’re looking to do it yourself, here are five frequently encountered problems you should take care to avoid.

Inadequately Fastened Roof Flashing

No matter what your home’s roof is made of, roof flashing is an essential element of protection against storm damage. When you choose to install roof flashing on your own, be sure to watch out for any seams on your roof that are left uncovered. Also, make sure you don’t overlap your roof flashing when you don’t need to; by doing so, you could unwittingly decrease the integrity and effectiveness of your flashing. As fall comes to an end and winter howls in, you can expect higher winds that can rip your roof off.

Improperly Tightened Screws

To ensure that your metal roofing is secured, you might over-tighten the screws. Whether you use flashing to help protect the roof, or need to perform maintenance on the panels of the metal roof, take care when dealing with the screws. Don’t force the screws into position, because they shouldn’t give much resistance. If you do, you might have the wrong size screw.

Not Enough Screws

Another easily-prevented problem with metal roofing is not having enough screws. As important as roof flashing is, you might need some pipe flashing to complement it. Unfortunately, pipe flashing is vulnerable to water infiltration. If you don’t have enough screws, you can’t attach the pipe flashing securely enough, leading to more leaks.

Using Too Much Sealant

Roof leaks may give you a reason to add more sealant to your home’s metal roofing. The temptation of using too much sealant is another problem that you can avoid with ease. Waterproofing solutions such as caulk isn’t a quick fix for a mistake, as incorrectly applying caulk can cause further problems. Case in point: worn-out sealant. Be sure that the sealant you do use is kept out of direct sunlight.

Drainage Issues

Snow and ice are going to pile up on your home’s metal roofing. However, you can take steps to prevent any drainage issues from happening. Your metal roof will need adequately-sized overhangs, which should be two inches long, at most. If the protrusions are too long, too short, or too crooked, drainage issues will result.

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