What Are The Benefits of Metal Roofing?

benefits of metal roofing

What are the benefits of metal roofing?

What are the benefits of metal roofing? Metal roofing may not be as common as using shingles made of asphalt, but they are still a popular option. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the benefits of metal roofing. Some of the benefits include durability, variety, eco-friendliness, and long term value. Read on to learn more about metal roofing and its benefits.

Metal Roofing Has Durability

Durability is one of the best benefits of metal roofing. Like many other materials, asphalt can degrade over time. Over the course of anywhere from twelve to twenty years, asphalt will need to be redone. But the average age of roofing when it is replaced is only at seventeen years. Metal can outlast asphalt roofing.

The component materials that other types of roofing are made from can be damaged by wear and tear. Foul weather and sunlight exposure can damage roofing as well. But metal roofing can survive all of that. While wood can dry and crack, and concrete or asphalt can freeze over, metal roofing endures. Metal roofing can remain intact and beautiful no matter the style of roofing it is employed. What styles are these, you might ask? These styles are shake, tile, and vertical seam panels.

Benefits of Metal Roofing Also Include Variety

Climate and aesthetics of neighborhoods are heavily influential on roofing installation. Other common roofing styles include cedar shake, slate, tile, and shingle. These styles can be mimicked by metal roofing.

Eco-Friendliness is Another Benefit of Metal Roofing

While asphalt roofing is commonly discarded, metal roofing is not. Steel is a recycled component of metal roofing. In the lifecycle of metal roofing (production, installation, and reuse) about fifty-six percent of it is the steel content. Metal roofing can fit easily over your existing roofing. You can also make life easier for your heating and cooling devices, as metal is a tremendous insulator.

Metal Roofing Also Has Tremendous Long Term Value

Moreover, metal roofing also has tremendous long term value. By lasting longer than asphalt roofs, metal roofs can save you money. Metal roofs also boast low maintenance, as they generally only need to be cleaned from time to time. You won’t have to worry about the condition of a metal roof, and some jurisdictions offer insurance discounts on metal roofing. Warranty protection is another benefit of metal roofing. While different manufacturers and products offer different warranties, a warranty is a certainty regardless of which one you choose.

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