Common Roof Shingle Problems You Can Fix Yourself


asphalt shingles

There are some small shingle problems you can fix on your own.

Usually on this blog we focus on ways to help you avoid damage to your roof, no matter if you have a metal roof, a cedar roof, or are worried about tree damage. This week, however, we are going to discuss two simple repairs you can make to asphalt shingles. These are repairs that will help put-off bigger problems. They are not the answer to your problems if you have an issue that requires some professional help. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to fix asphalt shingles with curled corners or cracks and tears.


Glue Down Curled Corners

Sometimes the corners on older asphalt shingles start to curl. The best thing to do is glue it down before it becomes a bigger issue. All you’ll need is a caulking gun, roofing sealant, and a brick. Apply the roofing sealant under the corner using the caulking gun, and then set the brick on top of the corner to hold it down until the sealant dries, about 24 hours.

Repair Cracks

Cracked and torn shingles don’t need to be replaced, necessarily. All you’ll need are the same tools you used to glue down curling corners, plus a putty knife. First, put down a good amount of roofing sealant beneath the crack. Next, press the shingle down and apply another layer of sealant. Finally, use the putty knife to spread and smooth out the sealant over the crack.

It’s important to always consider the pitch of your roof and how comfortable you feel working from a ladder or on top of your roof. If you are uncomfortable doing the work yourself, call in an expert that’s experienced working on roofs.

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