Hinders or Helps? Snow and Solar Shingles

Benefits of Solar Shingles

Solar shingles need a clear line to sunlight in order to create energy for your home. Snow can get in the way of that.

Having solar shingles installed as part of your roofing system is a great way to cut down on energy costs and reduce pollution. But this time of year there’s one big barrier that might keep you from getting the most out of your investment. The powdery white stuff falling from the sky that all the kids love could hit you square in the wallet if enough of it accumulates on your roof. The silver lining this season is that snow might actually help your solar shingles create more energy, if you uncover them first.


The obvious problem with solar shingles covered in snow is the lack of sunlight reaching the energy producing shingles. Without a clear sightline to sunshine, a solar panel will not be able to create the energy it normally would, leaving the homeowner to rely on the energy company more. This ultimately results in a higher energy bill, which is what homeowners are hoping to avoid by having solar shingles installed in the first place. Clearing the snow will allow your solar shingles to get back to work.


Anyone who’s woken up the morning after a snowstorm to a clear blue sky and glanced outside can tell you just how good of a job snow does at reflecting snow. It’s the reason snow blindness is a real thing. This same phenomenon may help homeowners with solar shingles or solar panels on their home. In addition to the direct sunlight collected, solar shingles also collects the sunlight reflected off of snow to create energy.

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