How to Ensure That Your Flat Roofing is Properly Maintained

How to Ensure That Your Flat Roofing is Properly Maintained

Not all roofs are created equal. For many buildings, there are two main types of roofing: flat and pitched.

Not all roofs are created equal. For many buildings, there are two main types of roofing: flat and pitched. Both share maintenance needs, but they also possess unique qualities that need to be looked after. Luckily, the professionals know best!

Get Inspections Done 

The average homeowner might not know what to look for when it comes time for an inspection. That’s why you need to rely on the expertise of roofing professionals. Although you might think that checks can wait to be done every six months, that’s not always the case. For instance, consider the age of the flat roofing and how much punishment it takes daily. That might mean you will need inspections and repairs more often. 

Clear Off Debris

The next step is to clear the debris off the roof. While pitched roofs are, by design, able to repel anything that accumulates on it, flat roofs do not have this same ability. Leaves, twigs, bird feathers, and other examples of debris, such as lost frisbees or balls, might be caught up there, especially with higher winds so prevalent. Too much moisture caught on a flat roof contributes to it decaying faster than a pitched roof might, mainly because the pitched roof can move debris off. 

Do More Landscaping

This wouldn’t seem like the time of year to continue working on your landscape features. Even so, this task is still relevant. This involves trimming the trees that are growing around your roof. However, you don’t need to do this all on your own. Arborists can lend you their expertise on how to carefully maintain the trees so that they aren’t injured or killed by accident. 

Inspect Drainage 

The drainage of the roof is also crucial. Poor drainage can lead to ruinous water damage. Without the help of expert roofing professionals, you might not realize that there are any problems until it is already too late. That’s why it becomes so much more important than ever before when you know powerful storms are in the forecast. 

Check for Signs of Stress

Being proactive and looking for signs of stress in your flat roof can prevent any problems from getting worse. Remove equipment from the roof. Also, take care of ice and snow when winter comes. Finally, make sure there are no leaks that could become catastrophic.

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