Is Your Residential Roofing As Energy Efficient As Possible?

Is Your Residential Roofing As Energy Efficient As Possible?

The sun might not always show its face either, so you must determine just how energy efficient your home’s residential roofing is.

Now that spring is almost here, your heating and cooling become even more important. Still, you might wonder why, if cold weather is on its way out. But that’s just the thing – as the seasons change, you can expect brisk mornings and cool evenings. The sun might not always show its face either, so you must determine just how energy efficient your home’s residential roofing is.

Tile Roofs

Think about the style of residential roofing you have now. What are the tiles made of, for example? If the tiles are made of concrete or clay, then you know they’ll perform well even on hot days. Don’t forget that you could always paint your tile roofs. By choosing this option, you can increase both the energy efficiency and the aesthetic appeal of your replacement roof. But whichever color you select, try to remember that it’ll affect how well your roof absorbs or reflects sunlight.

Metal Roofs

Let’s say that you’ve heard nothing but positive things about metal roofs. So, incidentally, you’d like to try it out for your home. That said, you know how metal tends to react to heat. But metal roofs will reflect as much light as they absorb. When it comes to a metal roof, your best choice might just be an aluminum roof. If you understand the properties of residential-grade aluminum from using them as fence materials, then you have an idea of what they’re like when you use them to form a new roof.

Other Materials

What are your roof shingles made of, wood, asphalt, or something else? These materials tend to absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. This process, in turn, makes the roof much hotter than it would be otherwise. If the attic isn’t ventilated well enough, you could have a hot room inside your house that you don’t even know about until the next time you need to enter it.

When you start replacing your residential roofing, keep an eye out for the Energy Star rating. Any time you see this rating, you can tell that the roofing you plan on using is considered top-of-the-line when it comes to energy efficiency. While these roofs will provide the most benefits, don’t be afraid to consult the experts here at Topper Construction if you have any further questions.

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