How Do Leaks Develop in Commercial Roofing Systems?

Discover how to monitor your commercial building this winter.

Discover how to monitor your commercial building this winter.

Do you own or run a commercial business? If you do, then you might realize the differences between commercial roofing systems and residential roofing systems. However, you might have chosen a flat roof to protect your business. As fall quickly turns into winter, you can expect all kinds of nasty weather – howling winds, driving rain, and sudden storms of ice and snow. Wet wintry conditions can easily lead to an almost-undetectable leak forming. But what are some other possible causes of a troublesome leak?

Common Causes

When you are deciding what type of commercial roof you need, keep in mind that flat roofs can be surprisingly complicated. Seams and joists can cause problems with residential roofs and can also present issues with commercial roofs.

Problems with the HVAC System: Most of the time, the HVAC system will remain impervious to water damage, even if they are mounted on the roof. But the corners and ends might run into problems. Sealant materials will degrade over time, meaning wires and pipes will eventually become avenues for water infiltration to damage the interior of your company’s building.

Installation Problems or Damaged Supports: Depending on how well your commercial roofing system was installed, it may or may not last for its entire projected lifespan. But time and other factors, such as contractors moving around or severe storms can affect the integrity of your roof.

Cracking: Tar can be used to help seal the roof but given enough time, the tar will become dry and start wearing down as each season invariably rolls on into the next one. These cracks could also become the source of a future leak, especially if they grow into holes hiding in the membranes of the roof.

Holes in Roof Membranes: When your commercial roofing system needs repairs, you should have them carried out as soon as possible. However, you should be aware that more problems can occur, even during the repairs process. Holes can be opened by incidental debris such as rocks or twigs, or by dropped tools.

It Might Not Be the Roof

The roof can easily develop leaks, but that doesn’t mean the problem is with the roof itself. Does the roof of your commercial building feature a skylight? It’s possible that the skylight has developed the leak instead. Regardless of the source, you should have professionals conduct an inspection. Roof inspections are just as crucial for commercial buildings as they are for homes and other residential settings.  

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