Maintenance Pointers for Your Tile Roof

tile roof

Your tile roof is going to need periodic maintenance.

Your tile roof is going to need periodic maintenance. Luckily, in this blog, we will provide you with some helpful pointers on how to go about completing that maintenance. Now that spring is well underway, you may want to inspect the condition of your tile roof. If you need repairs after the cold of winter and the erratic April weather we’ve seen so far, here’s how you can get started.

Start by Paying Attention to Your Tile Roof

You should begin the process by first paying attention to your tile roof. What does it need? What measures could improve its condition or performance? Here is how you should expedite this process:

If Repairs are Indeed Needed

If you have inspected your roof tiles and found that repairs are indeed needed, here is what you should do. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable working on your rooftop, it is best to consult with and bring in some professional help from the experts.

  • Address raised tiles: Hammer raised tiles back into their proper positions.
  • Replace warped tiles: Replace any warped tiles before they can pose a risk to surrounding tiles.
  • Also, don’t forget: Also, please don’t forget to replace a tile’s accouterments. If you do replace a tile, you should also replace anything and everything that went with that roof tile.

Add Protective Measures for Your Tile Roof

Lastly, you should seek to add protective measures for your tile roof. Although the best way to protect your tile roof is to regularly schedule and perform preventative maintenance, there are other easy ways to accomplish this as well. Such protective measures include:

  • Special protective paint: This special paint is formulated to guard your roof against the adverse effects of mold, mildew, and other surface contaminations.
  • Special sun and rain primer: Protect your roof from the adverse effects of sunlight exposure and rain damage. By coating your roof with what is known as an alkyd primer, both sun and rain cannot harm your roof.
  • Special roof sealant: Likewise, use special roof sealant to help protect your roof. This sealant will buff up the strength of your roof tiles. Dirt accumulation will also be prevented from building up between your tiles.
  • Avoid walking on it: You should avoid walking directly on your roof. If you must, build a simple walkway that will allow you to pass without damaging any roof tiles.
  • Avoid harsh substances: Also avoid using harsh substances of any kind on your roof.

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