Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly with EcoStar

synthetic roofing EcoStar

EcoStar synthetic roofing improves energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly.

Very often on this blog, we bring up the importance of energy efficiency, and offer up some ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Having an energy efficient home is great for your wallet, and is great for the environment. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact having a new roof installed on your home may cause, you should consider a synthetic roof from EcoStar.


EcoStar manufacturers complete roofing systems from recycled rubber and plastics. The resulting products are highly flexible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly while offering great protection from impacts and harsh weather. The slate and shake roofing tiles are made through injection-molding Starloy, a formula of recycled and rubber plastic.

Superior Performance and Durability

This synthetic roofing is made for steep-slope applications and come in four different product lines. EcoStar offers the majestic slate line and the seneca shake line, while both shake and slate versions of the empire line are available. While the majestic and seneca versions offers the beauty of natural materials with the advantages of a synthetic roof, the empire lines increase energy efficiency by improving Solar Reflectance Index performance and low emissivity. The SRI improvement helps reflect more of the sun’s ray, keeping your home cooler in the summer. Low emissivity means your home will retain more heat during the winter by letting less energy escape.

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