Multiple Options for Residential Roofing

When your current residential roofing needs to be replaced, then you might not be sure how to get it done. However, you don’t need to worry. That’s because you have many different options for the choices you can make. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Multiple Options for Residential Roofing
When your current residential roofing needs to be replaced, then you might not be sure how to get it done.


The first option is rolled roofing. Flat sheets of roof covering are put into place. Although it is inexpensive, the tradeoff is that it won’t last very long, meaning you could due for another full roof replacement. This project could happen sooner than you would like. It’s not all that attractive, either, so it could drag down your curb appeal. If that is something you are concerned about, then it might not be the best choice for you.


Another decision you can make is to shield your home with asphalt roofing. They are incredibly durable but also come at a reasonable price, which makes them affordable for many homeowners. You might be leaning towards this roofing material already, based on that tip. So what are some other reasons to choose it? They can blend in with most homes, no matter what style or aesthetic you are trying to cultivate. Plus, you won’t need to replace them again any time soon, especially with expert installation processes – because they will last between 20 and 50 years!


Metal roofing is also another popular choice. It will either be delivered to you in sheets or the form of tiles. However, be careful when you choose metal roofing, because it could either be more affordable than asphalt roofing or more expensive. Specialists will be needed to install this roofing type, and they will need to be contracted again when it is time to repair or replace the roof on your home.


Cedar siding is typical, but it’s also possible to use cedar as a form of roofing. These shakes add a touch of prestige to your house and can help improve curb appeal and overall home value. The problem is that is can be quite costly, and since these tiles are made of wood, they will need constant upkeep to protect them against water damage and insect attacks. Watching out for mold and mildew growth could be considered worth it, however, since these materials can last up to 60 years.  

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