How to Tell Your Cedar Shingles Didn’t Survive Winter

Cedar shingles

Cedar shingles can take a beating during the colder months, especially if it’s an older roof you inherited.

Winter can wreak havoc on your landscaping, home, and roof. Unfortunately, cedar shingles can be particularly susceptible to damage over the course of a snowy, blustery, and icy winter. How can you tell if your cedar shingles didn’t survive the winter and if you need a new roof?

Signs Your Cedar Shingle Needs Replacing

Here are some of the signs that you can spot on your roof that indicate your cedar shingles are in need of repair:

  • Splitting: Does the split in your cedar shingle have round edges, a dull orange color, or a grayish color on the inside? This is a sign of natural weathering over time. Does the split have sharp edges or a light orange color on the inside? This is a sign of an impact split that can be cause by freezing rain or hail.
  • Curling or Cupping: Does a cedar shingle on your roof appear to curl upwards or look distorted? This is part of the natural aging process and is caused over time from the rays of the sun and rain. Can you see the roofing felt or the roof deck? This indicates that other problems might exist as a result of the winter weather.
  • Cracks: These occur as a result of the natural expansion and contraction of wood that happens as a result of weather, humidity, and moisture. These are a natural part of your roof’s life, and if there are many cracks that are large in size you might need a new roof.
  • Fraying: Fraying on your cedar shingles occurs as a result of bottom edge rot. Moss, lichen, and algae can all cause this to happen.  


When it comes time for a new roof or replacement of cedar shingles, trust the experts at Topper Construction. Do it yourself roof repair can mean a costly new roof in the long run, so call the experts whenever your concerns need to be addressed.

A New Roof or Cedar Shingle Repair from Topper Construction

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