Has Your Residential Roofing Been Damaged by High Winds?

Has Your Residential Roofing Been Damaged by High Winds?

But with the change in seasons comes high winds. Has your residential roofing been damaged?

The change of seasons can be exciting for people. Allergies aside, winter turning into spring represents an escape from having to wear multiple layers just to stay warm, and the ability to enjoy fresh air after trying to keep out of the cold all winter long. But with the change in seasons comes high winds. Has your residential roofing been damaged?

The Effects of High Winds

Despite what you may think, wind affects your roof differently in some spots. The corners and edges of your roof are more exposed to the effects of wind. However, the middle of your roof probably won’t be damaged at all. Eventually, even small amounts of damage can add up, causing shingles to crack and loosen so they can be ripped away.

Once the shingles have been blown off, it allows more leaks to form. These leaks can lead to increasingly devastating instances of flooding or other water damage. Although the weather in Maryland can be unpredictable no matter what time of year it is, one weather condition you can expect in March is plenty of rain. The rain can enter your home through your wind-damaged residential roofing, especially if your gutters have been damaged as well.

What Can Damage Residential Roofing?

Not only will wind itself damage your roof, but other things can as well. Broken glass and loose tree limbs can be flung from the ground and into the side of your home, so make sure your siding is still intact. Additionally, don’t underestimate how these pieces of debris can wreak havoc on your roof. After a storm passes, check on the state of your roof, your gutters, and your downspouts. By ensuring there are no blockages in your gutters or signs of damage on your roof shingles, then you can feel confident nothing is wrong. So, these are the signs you should recognize.

Looking for Signs

First, inspect the area around your lawn. By doing this, you can find any shingles that have hit the ground. Don’t forget to examine your chimneys, roof flashing, skylights, and ventilation. Next, go back inside and evaluate any potential damage to the interior of your home. This process involves looking for stains on ceilings, walls, and floors. You’ll also need to cliBut with the change in seasons comes high winds. Has your residential roofing been damaged?mb up into your attic.

What Happens Next

When you find any signs of damage, have them repaired as soon as possible. Sometimes, the damage might be too extensive, and you will need a roof replacement instead. Either way, you can rely on Topper Construction to lend you a hand!

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