Roofing Components: What Are Soffits and Fascias?

Roofing Components: What Are Soffits and Fascias?

But when you work with the experts at Topper Construction, you won’t need to worry. Here is a look at two of the most crucial roofing components that never get enough credit for what they do!

Is it time to replace your roof? When it’s time to get a new one installed, you might hear the terms “soffit” and “fascia” without knowing what they mean. But when you work with the experts at Topper Construction, you won’t need to worry. Here is a look at two of the most crucial roofing components that never get enough credit for what they do!

What Are Soffits? 

Let’s start by examining what soffits are supposed to be. In simplest terms, they are the part of siding directly under the roof’s overhang. Many roofing components are designed to enhance the strength, durability, and aesthetic look of the roof. Although soffits help improve your roof’s function, they typically don’t do much to increase curb appeal simply because they are harder to see. Even so, it is possible to spot them from the street. Soffits are also more visible whenever a visitor is standing closer to your home. It most often matches the siding that is already attached to the house; that said, you can modify it according to your wishes. 

Some of the materials used to construct soffits are wood, vinyl, and aluminum. But when you choose new soffits or fascias, you should consider the climate of where you live. For example, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania have a different environment than anywhere around the Midwest region of the country. 

What Are Fascias?  

Now let’s learn some more about the fascias attached to your roof. Whenever contractors talk about roofing components, soffits and fascias usually go together like peanut butter and jelly. The fascia is found above the soffits, and it is typically installed in front of the overhang. The fascias and gutters are installed as close together as possible. That’s because they are support systems for the drains connected to your roof.  What this means is, though, is that they are much easier to see and can affect your curb appeal more than you might think. Just like with soffits, you can choose between materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum. 

Why They Matter So Much

Vents are some of the most overlooked roofing components around. After all, they improve airflow between the roof and the attic. For these reasons, soffits are extremely important. This can cut down on moisture buildup and mold growth where you can’t see it. Soffits can prevent bees and wasps from nesting inside your home. Fascias, for their part, help hold up roof tiles and roof shingles; since these elements of your roof are essential for protecting your home, you can’t neglect any of them.

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