The Dangers of Tree Branches Near Your Roof

The Dangers of Tree Branches Near Your Roof

Homes and businesses alike can benefit from having trees close to the roof.

Having trees around your property can greatly improve your curb appeal. Homes and businesses alike can benefit from having trees close to the roof. The problem is that the tree branches need to be trimmed back, especially when they get too close for comfort. Here are some of the dangers of tree branches near your roof to keep an eye on.

Shingle Damage

The trees around your roof can scratch the shingles on your roof. At first glance, this doesn’t sound like a huge problem. Even so, it is a problem, because this type of damage can wear down your roof shingles, weakening them in the process. What this means is that you will have to replace them more frequently, especially if they are blown away during the next major storm that hits your neighborhood.  

Gutter Clogs

When leaves fall off of your trees, they won’t all accumulate on the ground. More often than not, they will simply end up in your home’s gutters. Gutter blockages are bad news since they can cause water damage to your home, especially if the downspouts attached to the gutters get clogged. You’ll have to deal with roof leaks, structural integrity problems, and the growth of mold.  

Mold Growth

Another problem that contributes to mold growth is when there’s too much shade. In the heat of the summer months, that doesn’t sound too bad. But now that cooler weather is on the way, it can be. If it’s covered by trees and tree branches, the roof won’t be able to dry off after a pounding rainstorm. This means that mold and mildew can start to flourish on the roof.

Fall Damage

Powerful storms are common during the spring and summer. They can be much worse in the fall and winter, though. Sometimes, your roof is under threat just from the branches falling onto it. If the tree is old or sick, it is more likely to fall over right onto your roof or your car. At this point, it won’t take much to tip the tree over, so investing in timely tree care is a must.

Tools to Use

It’s a good idea to take some time and trim back the tree branches around your house. But to do that safely, you’re going to need the right equipment. If you don’t already have pole tree pruners, electric or battery-powered chainsaws, or alligator loppers, then it’s high time that you got some. You don’t need to have all of them at the same time, but having the chainsaws and pruners can make your life easier.  

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