The Importance of Roofing Ventilation

The Importance of Roofing Ventilation

How much roofing ventilation does your home have?

How much roofing ventilation does your home have? Ventilation is essential for ensuring that your home is full of fresh air this summer. If you are planning on completing any home improvements inside your home, whether it is repainting some walls, remodeling your kitchen, or refinishing your hardwood floors, you should make sure you have enough ventilation.

Ensuring Ventilation

Warm air rises, so why is it important to make sure that your roof and attic have ventilation? In the summer, you don’t want to have too much warm air making the inside of your house feel hotter than it already is outside. But ventilation provides the airflow that can decrease the amount of moisture damage to the insulation and slow the growth of mold and mildew. If you use your attic as a storage space, you don’t want to be sickened if you are allergic to the effects of these pests.

Plus, the cooler your roof is, the longer your roofing shingles will last, which means you won’t need to face the problem of potential roof repair and replacement sooner than is necessary.

The Reason It Matters

The most important reason you need to have roofing ventilation is to help keep your house cooler during the day. In turn, this will make it more comfortable to sleep at night, especially when it is particularly humid. Soffits and ridge vents help to improve the airflow through your attic and roof – as useful as they are, roof gables might not be enough to ensure that you have proper roofing ventilation. Ineffective roofing ventilation can be a problem if your home is too old, which means upgrades might be in order. Once you have achieved the proper levels of ventilation, however, don’t forget to add some insulation, and we’ll look at why.

Adding Insulation

Insulation is just as important as ventilation. When you have insulation added throughout other parts of your home, such as your walls and siding, you can prevent the conditioned air from escaping through any small gaps in your roof that you might not otherwise notice. The shingles and membrane need to be waterproofed so that no condensation or moisture can damage your roof. But the soffits on the roof need to be left open to facilitate the flow of fresh air.

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