Up in the Sky: Are Skylights Right for Your Home


Skylights can be a tremendous addition to your home. But are they right for it?

Skylights can be a tremendous addition to your home. Additionally, they can be a possible blessing for your energy bills, especially if they are solar-powered. However, skylights aren’t always the best fit for your home. In this blog, we’ll discuss whether you should decide on whether you should decide on if they  are right for your home.

Some Advantages of Skylights

One advantage skylights have is the boost to your home’s aesthetic. It just looks beautiful. With skylights in place, you can allow far more natural light into your home.

Also, at night, you can look up and see the stars without having to go outside. Of course, you must consider something more tangible as well.

That being said, think about the future resale value of your home if you ever decide to move. If you do, note that skylights can improve the value of your home as well.

Another advantage to think about is improved air quality. Skylights can provide a simple avenue for ventilation. Not only can more natural light come in, so can more fresh air. If you are looking for this type of benefit, consider getting a skylight with remote controls. Remote controlled skylights allow you to quickly close the windows if something disagreeable invades your home’s space. This disagreeable visitation can be by bad smells, heavy rain, or excessive noise outside. Some skylights are also equipped with rain sensors. These rain sensors will automatically close the windows for you if a storm is coming in.

Some Disadvantages of Skylights

Like everything else in our world, skylights have their own pros and cons. Now that we’ve examined the pros, it is only fair we discuss the cons as well. Although skylights are reputed to be energy efficient, this is not always the case. Heat rises, and can easily escape through the roof. Colder weather will naturally increase your energy consumption. Condensation on windows is another problem they could invite.


Skylights do not seem to get along with air conditioning units, either. While allowing more heat and light into your home sounds wonderful in the winter, in the summer, your air conditioning has to work harder. Again, this is because more heat is present and more cool airs needs to be dispersed.

Roof leakages are another issue to consider. Despite your maintenance efforts, leaks are still likely to happen. Leaks and water damage tend to be more frequent around them, perhaps more so than windows or other entry points where water could collect, such as doors and gutters.


Topper Construction is an Experienced Skylight Installer

If you’re interested in having a skylight installed in your home, or would like a free estimate contact Topper Construction. With Topper Construction, you’ll see the benefit of nearly three decades of experience. Contact Topper Construction at 301-874-0220 or email us at info@topperconstruction.com if you are interested in learning more. We can help you with projects in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia.


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