What Is a Roof Safety Harness and Personal Fall Arrest System?

roof safety harness and personal fall arrest system

A roof safety harness and personal fall arrest system will help keep you safe while working on a steeply pitched roof.

For some roof construction jobs, working from a scaffold isn’t a viable option. In these cases, workers need some way to protect themselves from a fall. The most common way to ensure a worker is safe while working on a steeply pitched roof is the use of a roof safety harness and personal fall arrest system. Let’s take a closer look at the different parts of this system and how they work.

Roof Anchor and Rope

The whole system needs to be properly anchored, or else what’s the point, really. Roof safety harness anchors are rectangular stips of metal that need to be bolted to rafters, trusses, or ridge beams from the exterior of the roof. The anchor has an attachment point for one end of the rope, which hangs from the anchor.   

Lanyard and Rope-Grab

From the rope, a device call a rope-grab is attached to a lanyard. The lanyard is usually made out of super-strong nylon webbing, and attaches to a harness made from the same material. The rope-grab allows for the rope to move smoothly through the device in one direction, but cinches down on the rope and doesn’t allow movement when trying to run the rope through the device in the opposite direction.


It’s important to check every strap, stitch, and buckle before using a safety harness. Roof safety harnesses are full-body style, with straps running over the shoulders, around the waist, and around the legs. There is also an adjustment strap that runs along the chest to ensure the shoulder straps are held in the proper place. Be sure to adjust the straps so there is a snug fit.

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