What To Do About a Roof Leak This Fall

What To Do About a Roof Leak This Fall

No homeowner ever wants to hear the declaration that “you have a roof leak.”

No homeowner ever wants to hear the declaration that “you have a roof leak.” As much as you’d want to ignore or deny it, you might just have one. This diagnosis can be completed by seasoned roofing professionals such as the experts from Topper Construction. Luckily, you can put your trust in us to help remedy the situation. What can lead to a roof leak, and what can you do about it?

Possible Causes of Roof Leaks

How Old the Roof Is: The older your roof is, the more likely it is to be worn down. As the seasons change, your roofing materials will experience the twin processes of expansion and contraction. Eventually, the roof will begin to thin out, making it easier to crack. These cracks can let in excess amounts of water.

If It Has Lost Shingles: Did you go outside to get some work done in the yard only to find a roof shingle on the ground? That’s not where they belong. If you look up and spot gaps in your roof shingles, that might also be the cause of your roof leak.

Damaged Flashing: As we’ve discussed before, your roof flashing is a critical element of preventing water damage. Flashing helps prevent water from getting inside, especially during the pounding rainstorms that fall so frequently brings.

Attics and Skylights: Condensation can build up almost anywhere in your home. Whether it’s in your windows or your attics, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find it. Condensation can also be the source of your leaky roof if it builds up in your home’s skylights.

What You Should Do

For Old Roofs: Inspect your roof and determine its current condition. If you spot holes, loose nails, or worn mortar in the chimney, you should consider getting your existing roof replaced by a brand new one.

For Missing Shingles: When you notice missing shingles, you should also check on your roof to see if there are any profound structural issues. However, replacing the missing shingles is relatively simple – pull worn out shingles and use new nails to attach a new shingle.

For Damaged Flashing: Reattach damaged flashing components with some new nails. If it is too broken though, you might just need some entirely new flashing installed instead.

For Attics and Skylights: Clean up the vents in the attic and set up a fan to improve ventilation inside your attic as well. Make sure your skylights are installed correctly! By doing so, you minimize the chances of condensation buildup and the development of a roof leak.

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