4 Ways to Know You Need New Siding

4 Ways to Know You Need New Siding

You might not think that replacing your siding is necessary. After all, doing some basic repairs or preventative maintenance can extend their lifespan of service by months or even years.

You might not think that replacing your siding is necessary. After all, doing some basic repairs or preventative maintenance can extend their lifespan of service by months or even years. However, many homeowners don’t have the skills or expertise to do a good enough job to keep the siding intact for longer than a short-term fix. Here are some of the signs that call your attention to the need for new siding to protect your home’s exterior

You Always Have to Repaint

Painting and repainting can be a tedious, thankless job. There’s a reason why a familiar saying is attached to the concept of waiting for the paint to dry before you can do anything else. Painting every five or six years or so seems like a long gap between painting, but that is a misconception. At the least, siding should hang onto its color for 8-10 years. Chips, peels, and cracks are reasonable indications that something has gone wrong.

Heating/Cooling Bills are in Flux

Although you still lean on your HVAC system to provide heating, the cooling season is rapidly approaching. However, damaged or worn siding won’t keep your home at tolerable levels – it will only make your energy bills dip lower one month and then skyrocket the next. That instability can be a significant stressor on your family and your finances. 

They Rot or Warp 

When your siding starts to rot or warp, it is more than an ordinary eyesore. After you notice this problem, you should contact the experts, such as the team here at Topper Construction, immediately. This inspection can be completed by walking around your house and looking at its exterior condition. Use a screwdriver to jab at the boards and battens attached to your home. The underlayers shouldn’t be soft; if they are, then you need emergency siding replacement. That’s because the siding planks should not come loose or fall off at the slightest touch. 

You See Mold and Other Problems

Mold, mildew, and fungus thrive in dark, moist places. That means that the siding is the perfect place for them to accumulate where you can’t find them and destroy them. Water damage can ruin the seams and contribute to the siding coming loose when they shouldn’t be so worn out already. Even though finding mold or its counterparts isn’t a reason to panic, it does call for more scrutiny and intercessory action to prevent the further spread of these pests.

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