Comparing Different Types of Vinyl Shutters

vinyl shutters

There are three different types of shutters that will each add a distinct look and feel to your home.

A lot of homes can look like they’re missing something. No matter how nice that new siding or roof is, or even if they have shiny new gutters. They’re still missing the piece that makes a home stand out, vinyl shutters. This beautiful accent can change the look of your home, and will last much longer than wood shutters.

Open Louver

If you’re asked to picture shutters in your mind this is undoubtedly what you’ll imagine. While more form than function these days, this style of shutter will highlight your windows perfectly. A huge selection of colors, shapes and sizes will let you find open louver shutters that compliment your windows perfectly.  

Raised Panel

Raised panel shutters are like open louver shutters in that they share the same general shape and connect to windows in the same way. The difference is that raised panel shutters are solid and do not let any light through. The solid shutter in a solid color can make a striking statement on your home’s style, and can actually add some protection to your windows in heavy storms.


Need a little old world charm on your home? Board-and-batten shutters are in the same family as board-and-batten siding, only more stylized. These shutters can have battens that run horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally across the boards. The main advantage to this style is it’s style.

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