How to Combine Your Home’s Siding with Stone Exteriors

Boosting your curb appeal is much easier than you think. One of the many home improvement projects you can tackle this spring involves the siding you have in place to protect against water damage. Even if you don’t feel comfortable working on the sides of your home, you don’t have to worry about it. That’s because you can rely on help from expert professionals, especially when it comes to incorporating stone in your house’s exterior.

How to Combine Your Home’s Siding with Stone Exteriors
One of the many home improvement projects you can tackle this spring involves the siding you have in place to protect against water damage.

Pick a Type of Stone

For this project to go smoothly, the first step is to choose a stone profile that you like. Determining the stone profile that is the best fit can be tricky, though. That’s because you have to take into account how much stone you will need to use. For wider areas, cut cobblestone and fieldstone are a good idea. However, for narrower areas, you will want to choose something else. In this case, you’ll be better off with ledgestone or shadow ledge stone.

Pick a Color, Any Color

Once you know what stones you want to use, it’s time to choose the best color for your siding and exteriors. Are the stones arranged horizontally or vertically? Does the color blend in with the aesthetic of the house, or does it clash? Prairie style works well with horizontal stones like true stack or shadow ledge stone. If you want to have a more contemporary look for your home, you can also experiment with the true stack. True stack does complement modern styles that are trendier these days.  

Find a Complementary Siding Color

After figuring out what stone exteriors you’d like to have, the next part of the process is finding a siding color that works with what you’ve chosen. Using a method known as the squint test, squint your eyes and look at the stones. This way, you can pick out what the primary colors are. Matching stone and siding is much easier once you have discovered the most complementary shades for both materials. Even so, a perfect match is nearly impossible to achieve and not worth it – mainly because you want to be able to distinguish the siding from the stone.  

Find a Secondary Siding Color

Finally, it’s time to find a secondary siding color that works with everything else. This is where you can settle on the colors for the elements you didn’t consider earlier, such as the trim and accents. Have some fun and experiment with the positioning and overall effect before you make a final decision!

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