How to Replace Cracked Siding

cracked siding

Cracked siding can present a massive danger to your home.

Cracked siding can present a massive danger to your home. Spring is a notoriously rainy season, and you don’t want water damage in your home. After all, water damage can lead to or be caused by your basement flooding, your gutters failing, or your roof springing a leak. Protect your home by replacing any cracked siding you might find.

Have Replacements for Cracked Siding

Before you begin, ensure you have the proper replacements for cracked siding. Any cracked siding that you find needs to be removed and a new one put in its place, but you want to be sure you have the correct siding. Standard siding, such as vinyl, is relatively easy to replace. There exist more exotic types of siding, however, and the less common types are harder to replace.

Knowing is How You Succeed

The next step in the process is knowing how vinyl fits together. When vinyl siding is assembled, each piece is connected to the one that is above and below it. If you know this, you will know how to find the nails holding the siding in place. One of the most common causes of cracks in vinyl siding is that the pieces are driven into the wall too tightly. Once you begin installing the fresh piece of siding, be sure that you leave a little bit of room between the nail’s head and the nail’s hem. Only about the width of a dime is necessary.

The Zip Tool

The zip tool is your key to success. It allows you to unzip broken siding from where you find it. Start by sliding the zip tool underneath the damaged piece of siding. There is a section of the siding called the overlap you will want to hook into. The overlap is where you will find what is known as a buttlock. The buttlock allows you access to the upper piece. Pull down on the buttlock. Repeat on the lower piece as well. Later on, you will need the zip tool to help place the new piece of siding as well.

Installation Tips

Remove nails from the wall that you can see. A crowbar or a carpenter’s hammer will help you on this step. Cut and fit the piece of replacement siding to the correct fit that you need. Install the new piece on the open space, hooking it onto the overlap and buttlock. You should hear a click when the new piece fits. Pound the nails in, and use the zip tool to lock it into place.

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