Why You Should Consider New Siding This Fall

Why You Should Consider New Siding This Fall

Even if your current siding survived the heat of the summer, it might not withstand the next big storm that blows in during the fall.

We’re now well into October, and even though it still feels warm outside, soon enough it’ll turn cold. When was the last time you performed some maintenance on your home’s exterior? The siding is one of the most important parts of keeping your house intact. Even if your current siding survived the heat of the summer, it might not withstand the next big storm that blows in during the fall. Here are some reasons why you should consider new siding.

The Weather Is Cooling

Even though it may seem like a second spring is in progress, October is supposed to be when temperatures outside start to turn brisk, especially the closer we get to Halloween. Any time you consider getting some home improvement projects done, you should consider the environment you have. Heat can affect the way siding, especially vinyl siding, expands or contracts.

Depending on how the siding is affected by expansion or contraction, your measurements could be off. Although Maryland and other states along the East Coast and prone to scorching heat in the summer, in the fall the weather begins to cool down, making it the best time to change your siding. After all, there is less risk of physical damage threatening the integrity of your brand new material.

Better Prices

Siding contractors are going to have their busiest seasons during the summer and spring. Thus, they can ask for higher rates. But in the fall, their volume of siding requests slackens, so they’ll be able to take their time and give you lower prices for their services. The fall is also a prime time for materials and supplies to go on sale, making it easier on both the contractor and you, the homeowner, to afford an excellent job at reasonable prices.

Preparation for Winter

Don’t forget that in the winter, your energy bills are likely to increase. Be prepared for this fact of life by repairing or replacing your home’s siding. Any gaps or cracks in the siding you already have can be filled in with caulk, and your contractor will know where they are for when the next layer of siding is ready to be installed. As cozy and warm as your home already is, improving its energy efficiency will make you thankful once winter comes in full force and you won’t have to crank up the heat.

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