5 Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning is Worth the Investment

5 Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning is Worth the Investment

Keeping your gutters clean becomes even more critical during this time of year. Let’s find out why!

It may feel like the middle of winter is the wrong time to fix up your home, but that is a misconception. Keeping your gutters clean becomes even more critical during this time of year. Let’s find out why

Decreases Water Damage

Clean gutters work better. They can also prevent extensive water damage from ruining your home. Too much water damage can threaten the structural integrity of your home, whether it is the roof, walls, siding, or the foundation. Clogged gutters will increase the amount of damage to your home, especially if you neglect to address the problem. 

Prevents Pest Infiltration 

Another reason to invest in gutter cleaning is to various pests from getting into your home. Doing this can clear away twigs, leaves, mud, and other debris that will affect the performance of your gutters. Rodents, insects, spiders, birds, and other critters won’t be able to take advantage of your gutters and potentially infect you or anyone in your family with a disease.   

Protects Your Landscape 

The landscaping around your home is a valuable way to improve its overall curb appeal. However, flooded gutters can also devastate your landscape and hardscape features. The soil will start to erode, your flowers will drown, and the brick and stone will wear down. Maintaining your gutters and downspouts will help limit the adverse effects caused by these potential problems. 

Prevents Basement/Foundation Flooding 

A flooded basement is not the same as a flooded foundation. However, not many homeowners will realize that such a distinction exists. When your gutters are overflowing, that water needs to go somewhere. Unfortunately, most of this water will damage the basement and the foundation underneath your home. Mold and mildew are secondary problems that can make everyone under your roof feel sick. Rainwater is pulled away from your home’s structure and not to where it will threaten your home’s foundation, preventing cracking, warping, stretching, and bending that can also lead to extensive repairs becoming necessary.

Helps the Roof Last Longer 

Ultimately, gutter cleaning is beneficial for your entire home. Your roof will last longer since ice dams and other elements of winter weather will continue to cause problems for you if you don’t address them in time. Loose shingles, leaks, and too much weight could lead to a roof collapse, so this is the time of the year to get inspections, repairs, and replacements done, especially if you need new gutters and a new roof installed at the same time! 

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