More Common Questions About New Gutters

More Common Questions About New Gutters

Many homeowners will have lingering questions about their new gutters.

Many homeowners will have lingering questions about their new gutters. These questions tend to pop up even for long-time homeowners who might not otherwise spend much time thinking about it. So what are these questions? Let’s find out what the answers are! 

What’s The Best Material to Use?

The first question many homeowners grapple with has to do with the best gutter materials. So, what are the best materials to use? In this case, aluminum is your best bet. These materials are beautiful, sturdy, rust-resistant, and affordable. Other options include copper, galvanized steel, and vinyl.

Are Downspouts Truly Necessary? 

The gutters you attach to your home will need to have downspouts. These downspouts are often spaced out wherever they are placed. It can be anywhere between twenty or thirty feet. However, the placement depends on how sloped your roof is and where the rooflines lead. Too much precipitation can cause immense amounts of water damage, and gutter systems can help protect your home against that problem. Putting downspouts at the ends of each gutter run is a good idea, in this case, no matter where the gutters are. 

How Are Gutters Placed? 

So now, your next question could relate to where the gutters are supposed to be installed. Every gutter also relies on slope and support to help hold it up. The slope helps redirect the water hitting your roof and gutter system. Hangers also help hold up these systems and play a large role in determining correct placement. Beware of ice, snow, and ice dams that can build up and cause more problems for the exterior of your home. The spacing depends on the climate of where you live. 

How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned? 

Don’t forget that gutters need to be cleaned out. Gutter caps can help keep them clean from any debris that can clog them and prevent further damage caused by water and other sources of moisture. Not all gutter guards are created equal, which is a consideration that can spell the difference between a successful gutter and one that fails to meet your expectations. With no covers in place, you will have to check on your gutters twice a year. Even if you did it in the spring, you will need to do it again in the fall. If you haven’t done it since the summer ended, then you’re overdue for it. By doing this, you can also keep the gutters from drooping or sagging. 

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