3 Inventive Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters clean is an essential way of ensuring they last longer. Plus, you can also make sure that the exterior of your home remains beautiful. However, sometimes it’s much harder to figure out what you need to do to keep the gutters this way. Here are some creative ways to achieve that goal.

3 Inventive Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clean
Keeping your gutters clean is an essential way of ensuring they last longer

Use Cleaning Solutions

If you already have a cleaning solution that you trust for cleaning your home’s siding or the deck, then you’re in luck. That’s because you can use the same cleaner on your gutters. Take a closer look at the bottle of cleaning solution. While this advice sounds odd, hear us out. That’s because you’re looking for three little letters: TSP. Once you spot the TSP, you also need to make sure it is followed by a dash and the letters PF, which stand for phosphate free. This is important because you want the degreasing capabilities without harming the environment around your home.

Mix one cup of the cleaner with one quart of bleach. Let it air out and don’t do this in an enclosed space, such as your closed garage. Then add in three quarts of hot water. This should be enough to revive your gutters. Use a rag or brush and this mixture to deal with mold and mildew that has been treating your gutter system like a hotel.

Use Cream of Tartar

The next idea you can try is to use some cream of tartar. Grab it from out of your kitchen, if you have some. If you don’t, then a quick trip to the grocery store should be enough to get you what you need. By mixing it with water, you have created an alternative way to help clean up your gutters. This turns into a paste that you can apply. Use a rag to apply it to the gutters and then let it sit for about half an hour. Once your time is up, then you can rinse the gutters off to remove any traces of solution that is still left there. You’ll notice that they look a little brighter than they did before.

Use White Vinegar

Finally, don’t hesitate to experiment with white vinegar. It can be more useful than you might expect. With white vinegar, you can clean up the insides of the gutter. However, the critical part is to get leaves, dirt, and other debris out of the way first. Then block up your downspouts for the time being. Then pour in some warm water mixed with white vinegar. After allowing this solution to soak in for an hour so, unplug the downspouts and hose down your gutters.

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