3 Questions to Ask Before Cleaning Out Your Gutters This Fall

3 Questions to Ask Before Cleaning Out Your Gutters This Fall

One of the home maintenance tasks you need to complete each year is cleaning out your gutters.

One of the home maintenance tasks you need to complete each year is cleaning out your gutters. This doesn’t mean you should do it once a year and leave it at that. You need to do every time the season changes, but it’s especially crucial to do it during the fall. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you can get started.

Why Should I Clean My Gutters?

Although it doesn’t look like it, the gutters attached to the sides of your house protect it from water damage. Your home’s foundation is especially vulnerable during the wet, rainy weather that often occurs during the fall. The gutters will redirect all of the water coming from your roof and keep it from damaging the foundations or siding of your house. Too much debris will cause problems that you might not expect to become issues, such as the presence of mold and mildew. You can also inspect your gutters and unclog them if you see anything stuck in them.

How Do I Do It?

First of all, you will need a ladder to reach your gutters. Make sure this ladder is sturdy and secure before you climb up onto it; if possible, ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to help you. They can help support the ladder and keep you from falling. Don’t lean too far forward, back, or to either side while you are on the ladder. Wear gloves and long sleeves to protect your hands and forearms. Then inspect the downspouts and clear them out.

Look for holes that might lead to leaks. Caulking the holes can reseal them, but this is only a temporary measure. Then use a rivet gun to re-tighten any rivets that could have come loose during the summer. Once you’re done, wash out the gutters using a hose power washer. Just be careful not to hit the roof as you do!  If you are unsure you can do any of this safely, then it’s a good idea to call on the professionals at Topper Construction.

What Do If My Gutters Need Replacing?

After you’ve cleared out your gutters, pay attention for any new or lingering problems. It might be that you will have to replace the entire gutter system. The new gutters you get will be custom-made for your house, with gutter guards and new downspouts that will be a better fit.


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