4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Clean Gutters

Clean gutters are happy gutters, brand new, or old.

Clean gutters are happy gutters, brand new, or old.

Clean gutters are happy gutters. More importantly, clean gutters mean a happier you. In this blog, we’ll talk about four major reasons why it’s important to have clean gutters. Rain or shine, no matter the season, you’ll want to keep these reasons for clean gutters in mind:

Clean Gutter Reason 1: Prevent Damage to Roofs

Clean gutters and clean roofs are both necessary for a strong home’s exterior structure. Leaves and other ground-based debris can easily clog up your gutters. Don’t let this happen to you. If water floods the gutters, it can lead to rot forming on the roof. Rot weakens roof shingles, which in turn will weaken the roof itself. Preventing damage to roofs is one of the most significant reasons for keeping clean gutters.

Clean Gutter Reason 2: Prevent Any Pest Infestations

Besides the pesky presence of mosquitoes, other pests can infest unclean gutters. Birds could also find leaf blockages a superb source for nesting. Your home is not their home. Beyond being annoying, swarms of mosquitoes can spread disease to your family and neighbors. Keep yourselves safe and healthy, and get clean gutters.

Clean Gutter Reason 3: Flooded Gardens and Garden Beds

Another type of water damage that can occur is flooding of gardens and garden beds. Your plants will be overwatered and basically drown. Too much water is just as bad or worse than not enough. Don’t let your plants be drowned, either! This is easier to achieve than perhaps any other step to protect against water damage.

Clean Gutter Reason 4: Cracked Foundations in Home

Just as roofs can be water damaged, so can the foundations. It cannot be overstated enough how both roofs and foundations are vitals parts of your home. You don’t want the roof to collapse, just as you don’t want the foundations beneath your home to break open. Water overflow can freeze and cause these cracks to start forming. Get ahead of the game and don’t let these cracks form.


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