4 Reasons Your Gutters Are Leaking

4 Reasons Your Gutters Are Leaking
When was the last time you inspected your gutters for any sign of leaking?

When was the last time you inspected your gutters for any sign of leaking? One visible sign that something is wrong is when they start sagging. Leaky gutters, however, will present several other problems, such as water damage to the exterior and foundation of your home. Here’s a look at why your gutters are leaking.

They’re Too Old

Even if you have recently replaced your gutters, they can still leak. However, this isn’t always a cause to panic. The older your gutters get, the more prone to problems they are. That’s why you replaced them in the first place. The sealant on your gutters will start to wear out, and the nails and screws used to help hold them in place will loosen. Eventually, any holes in the structure will give way to leaks. But using a waterproof sealant can be a stopgap measure to keep the leaks from getting worse.

Slope Problems

Typically, most homeowners think of their roofs as being sloped. They might not overthink about their gutters being sloped as well. But the truth is, that gutters need to sloped, too. This allows water to flow through the gutter and into the downspout. If the slope isn’t right, then it will contribute to the gutters sagging. Plus, water will collect inside your gutter system and accelerate the rate at which it rusts.

They’re Too Loose

A leak in your gutters will always look much worse when your gutters are too loose. When they’re too loose, they will start to pull away from the side of your house. Inspect the condition of the fascia and soffits, because it might be time to replace them. Then, to fix the loose gutters, you’ve got to reattach them using a stronger fastener than you used before.

They’re Clogged

Finally, determine whether or not your gutters are clogged. When you have a steep roof, you will need higher-quality gutter guards. That way, you can help protect your gutters from structural damage due to overflowing. Now, a clogged or overflowing gutter might not be the main culprit behind the leak, but it can’t help. Cleaning your gutters out at the start of the season or after every rainstorm can help you be sure that there are no clogs or blockages that will cause you another headache when it comes to home maintenance.

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