4 Tips for Keeping Birds Out of Your Gutters

4 Tips for Keeping Birds Out of Your Gutters

As birds build their nests, your gutters could end up clogged. Here are some unconventional ideas for keeping birds away from your home’s gutter system.

It’s well-known that birds fly south for the winter. They’re seeking warmer climates, but as July wears on, there’s no question that the East Coast holds all the warmth they could need. But as they build their nests, your gutters could end up clogged. Here are some unconventional ideas for keeping birds away from your home’s gutter system.

Use Gutter Shields

Your first attempt could involve shields for your gutters. These gutter covers are made of sturdy aluminum and can enhance the efficiency of your home’s gutters. After all, they funnel rain away from your roof much better than gutters that are unshielded, and these can keep natural debris out of your gutters even if it wasn’t put there by a bird trying to build its newest nest.

Try Steel Mesh

If you would prefer not to use gutter shields, then you can use something similar to protect your gutters. When you’re looking for some steel mesh to use, you might also find that it is called hardware cloth. Either way, it works the same – keeping birds and natural debris out of your gutter system. It’s not as aesthetically-pleasing as aluminum gutter shields are, but they can get the job done.

Repel the Birds

If you have already tried the two methods we’ve listed already, then you might be in need of something more forceful. Coaxing birds away from your home doesn’t have to be cruel. You can use bird repellent products that are offered in granule form, or as sprays foams or gels. Spread the repellent on your gutters, and then sit back and watch as the birds begin to leave as they sense that your roof and siding are no longer the places for them to live. If you live in a neighborhood where you see many different types of birds gathering all summer long, then it’s a sign that you’ll have to use plenty of repellents to keep them off your property.

Scare Them with Sound

The bird repellent could prove to be what you need to drive the birds away from your home. But sometimes, you’ll need a secret weapon to scare off the stubbornest of your feathery friends who can’t seem to get the picture. Try using high-frequency sound emitters which will scare off birds, but won’t present a nuisance to your human neighbors. However, for this to work, you must make sure that the speaker system can’t be damaged or dislodged. Although it works, this may be the most effort-intensive solution you could try.

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