4 Ways to Handle Clogged Gutters This Winter

4 Ways to Handle Clogged Gutters This Winter

Have you noticed clogged gutters causing problems around your home’s exterior? Here are four ways to handle clogged gutters this winter.

Have you noticed clogged gutters causing problems around your home’s exterior? If you have, then it’s time to make a change. When blocked gutters are left unaddressed for too long, you might find issues with your home’s foundation, leaks in your basement, and water damage on your roof, ceiling, and in your attic. Here are four ways to handle clogged gutters this winter.  

Prepare Yourself

Before you can do anything else, you need to prepare yourself. Now that it’s December, it’ll be frigid outside no matter what time of day you decide to tackle your clogged gutters. You should look out for any parts of your gutters that are sticking out or ones that can cut you. So, layers will be a tremendous help. Wear a shirt with long sleeves and thick rubber gloves. And then, once you have the right shirt and gloves, you must make sure you have the right footwear for the job. Are your shoes non-slip? If they aren’t you might want to find a pair that is, so that you won’t fall off the ladder by accident.

Get Ready, Get Set

Once your ladder is set up, ensure it is stable enough to support you when you climb onto it. Attach your ladder to the roof, so that it won’t shift unexpectedly; standoff stabilizers will help you prevent any incidental damage to your clogged gutters while you’re busy working on them.

Uncover the Clogged Gutters

Detach the gutter covers and put them somewhere out of the way, but still within easy reach. After all, you’ll want to avoid denting or scratching them somehow, but you don’t need to have them as a distraction.

Clean Out the Clogs

Tree leaves, twigs, and chips of bark are some of what you can expect to find clogging your gutter. Pebbles and snowmelt might also contribute to any blockages in your gutter system. You can use your hands to clean these obstacles out, but you might need a simple hand tool, such as a trowel, to help you get the job done. For best results, approach any potential clogs while they’re still wet; this will make it easier to get rid of them since once they dry out, they will more than likely stick to the gutters and become harder to remove.  

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