Comparing the Different Kinds of Gutters


There are three basic types of gutters. The right one for your house depends on the style of your home.

The world of gutters is wider than you think. There are different styles, colors, widths and weights to consider when deciding on gutters for your home. A gutter installation company will be able to help you figure out what will work best with your home, but a little independent research never hurt anyone! Here are the different styles you should know and a little about each one.

Ogee or K-Style

This style of gutter is the most popular style available. It features a flat bottom and back, with a front edge that is angled at about 45-degrees, usually with a convex curve, and a slight lip. Available in five, six, or seven-inch widths, they can be made from aluminum or copper.


Half-round gutters look exactly as their name says. This semi-circle gutter is an attractive alternative to the popular ogee style, and are easier to keep clean. The one downside to half-round gutters is they are heavier than other styles, and are more expensive since they require hanger brackets to install.


Typically found in commercial applications, box style gutters are also known as trough gutters because of their shape. This type of gutter is designed to be built into the bottom of your roof, so they do not require hangers. If you like a nice, crisp line this is definitely the choice for you.


No conversation would be complete without mentioning downspouts. The downspout is the part of the gutter system that carries water down and away from your house. These come in two different styles, corrugated rectangular and smooth round. Rectangular downspouts go with ogee and box style gutters, while round are used with half-round style gutters.

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