Do Your Gutters Need Some TLC?

Keeping your gutters in the best condition possible will help prevent water damage to your home. Even relatively new gutter systems will still need some tender loving care from homeowners. However, even with that said, you might not know what you’re looking for when you decide to inspect your home’s exterior by yourself. Here are some of the signs that something needs to happen.

Do Your Gutters Need Some TLC?
Keeping your gutters in the best condition possible will help prevent water damage to your home.

Signs of Damage You Can See

If your gutters are starting to crack or show their age, then it’s even more critical they are given some upkeep. Holes and spots of rust can also cause problems. Likewise, sagging gutters can also be an issue if nothing is done about it. All channels attached to your home need to be sloped to help water drain away, but leaning gutters will still be problematic. Any gutters that are dented or bent need to be replaced as well. Do you see gaps between the drain and the fascia? It’s another sign that your gutters require maintenance. Any nails that are poking out need to be dealt with, too.  

Signs of Damage That Are Harder to Spot

Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of damage to your gutters will be harder to find. Have you noticed loose nails on the ground in your yard? Loose screws and gutter connectors also indicate that your gutters need to be fixed as soon as possible. Plus, heavy rains throughout the summer are going to happen all the time; usually, this wouldn’t be a problem. It can even be soothing when you want to sleep in, but if there’s standing water, then that’s another problem. Mosquitoes and mold love standing water that is stagnating. Unusual leaks also indicate that there is a problem that requires your attention.

What is Wrong with the Exterior?

Finally, be sure to assess the condition of your home, both inside and out. For instance, there could be standing water around the areas where you know your foundations are located. Sometimes getting your gutters repaired or shielded isn’t enough to stop moisture damage. In this case, you will need foundation waterproofing. Also, if the paint is starting to peel or the wood is chipping, then you know something is wrong. The basement shouldn’t flood, and your lawn shouldn’t be full of water in dry weather.

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