Get Your Gutters and Downspouts Ready For Fall

Get Your Gutters and Downspouts Ready For Fall

Get your gutters and downspouts ready for fall with our helpful guide!

As Labor Day approaches, it signals the end of the summer. The fall season doesn’t officially start for another three weeks, so there’s still plenty of time to prepare your home’s exterior. Get your gutters and downspouts ready for fall with our helpful guide!  

Clean Them Out

You should start by cleaning out your gutters and downspouts. When you do this, you should be as thorough as you can. Take advantage of the warm summer weather while it is still pleasant outside. It’ll be harder to clean your gutters and downspouts once it gets too cold outside. Make sure you have the right ladder to support you before you climb up to clean your gutters. Bring a hose with you to wash the debris out of the gutters.

When the gutters are clean enough, turn your attention to the downspouts. With the hose, wash out the downspouts as well. Once you finish, descend the ladder and check under the downspouts for any dirt or leaves you might have missed. By clearing up potential blockages in the downspouts, you can allow water to travel more freely, improving the performance of your roofing and gutter systems to redirect water from increasingly heavy rain showers.

Spot Signs of Damage

Now that there isn’t any dirt or debris in the way take a closer look. You should be able to spot any signs of damage on your gutters and downspouts. Examples of damage include leaks, cracks, and rust, or corrosion. Your eyes might be fooled, so use your hands too. Run your hands over the gutters and downspouts to find any damages that your eyes might not catch; if you think you might have discovered a leak, test the suspicious spot with some water. You can patch up small holes with sealant. But bigger holes will be more challenging to deal with than smaller ones, so if you find larger than expected leaks, get professional help.

Use Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can protect your gutters and downspouts against wear and tear. These protective measures are a smart choice, especially if there are any trees directly over your gutters. Prevent leaves from dropping right into your gutters and cluttering up your downspouts. Pine needles and rodents are other interlopers you will want to keep out of your gutters.

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