How to Prep Your Gutters for Fall

prep your gutters for fall

Hey, while you’re up there, don’t forget to clean out those gutters. Fall is almost here!

Fall is just about here and before you know it the leaves will be raining down on your home. If your gutter is already dirty and filled with debris you’re running the risk of seriously damaging your gutter system once the first fall storm comes in. Take care of that investment and follow these step to make sure your fall is problem free.


It’s best to start with cleaning so you can get a better look at your gutters when you go back to inspect them. Start by pulling out any large debris like piles of leaves or branches. The more you can take out by hand, the less there is to clog your system before it gets to the downspout. Once all of the debris is clear use your garden hose to rinse the gutters of smaller dirt and debris. Be sure to follow it all the way to the downspout to make sure everything flows out and isn’t sitting out of sight somewhere.


After everything’s clean go back and take a good hard look at the different components of your gutter. Is anything loose, rusted, bent or broken? In some cases you may be able to fix the problem yourself, but it’s always best to consult with a professional if you’re unsure you’ll be able to fix it properly.


Chances are a gutter that’s in need of paint is getting near the end of it’s time. Consider what replacing your gutters would afford you, and what you’ll get from just some paint. If you have an older gutter that’s still operating properly and insist on painting it make sure you remove the old paint and then clean the gutters before you get to painting.   

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