How to Repair Your Gutters On Your Own

Your gutters might not be doing so well. That’s why it’s important to keep checking on their condition. As the latest round of snow is in the forecast, you need to make sure that all parts of your home’s exterior – the roof, siding, and gutters – can withstand that amount of weight. While you’re far better off waiting for a roofing professional to come and inspect your gutters, there are some repairs that you can complete by yourself. Let’s find out what they are.

How to Repair Your Gutters On Your Own
Your gutters might not be doing so well.

Get Rid of Clogs

The first step in any repair process is to look for any clogs in your gutters. Once you find them, you can get to work on removing them. For this task, you’ll need a ladder, so be sure to enlist someone to help you out, either by holding the ladder steady or by looking for you while you work. A hose and some gloves are all the tools you need to flush your gutters, but only after you see what is hiding up there. It’s super important to find any dry debris that is in your gutters and dispose of that first.  

Line Them Up

While you’re on the lookout for clogs, you might come across other problems. One such problem is if your gutters have come loose and are no longer properly aligned. Put some nails into the fascia holding up the gutter. After that, you’ll need to detach the support brackets. Use some string to pull the fascia until it faces the downspout. Depending on the length of your gutters, this step could be a little confusing. The fascia needs to fall towards the downspout, and this fall needs to be about a half inch every ten feet.

Deal with Rust and Leaks

Once you have successfully realigned your gutters, the next step is to clear away any rust you find and patch up any potential leaks. Wear safety goggles and use sandpaper to rub the rust off. You’ll also need a wire brush, some primer, and some paint. The wire brush allows you to scrub away larger patches of rust, while the primer and paint will help protect against leaks. You need to find any leaks and seal them, too; that way, there’s a much lower chance of water seeping into your attic or elsewhere in your home.    

Tighten the Downspout

The last step is to tighten the downspout. First of all, make sure a bracket or wall plug aren’t loose. If they are, reattaching them should solve the problem.

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