Keep Your Home Safe with Gutters

Gutters are an important part of every home. Some homeowners don’t see their value, and maybe even think they can get away with not having them at all. Other homeowners know they need them, but don’t necessarily know why. The truth is that gutters are a fundamentally important home protection feature – they provide protection against the harsh weather for you biggest investment. So if you’re thinking about ditching the gutters, or you have one that came down and you’re thinking about not bothering to repair it, read on for some of the many things gutters protect on your home

Keep Your Home Safe with Gutters
Gutters are an important part of every home.

Your Siding

Without gutters, the rain that washes down your roof (and washes off all the dirt and dust that finds its way up there), then travels straight down the side of your home. Over time, this can result in really ugly stains and watermarks on your siding. And once the stains form, they are really hard to clean off. Even if your siding doesn’t stain, the dirt that washes off the roof could make the siding dirty. While easier to clean than staining, it is still hard to get the ladder out and climb up there to clean it. Gutters can save you from all of that hassle, and depending on the type of gutter you have, you may not even need that ladder to clean them out.

Your Foundation

If there is one single part of your house that is absolutely crucial, it is probably the foundation. After all, all of the weight of the structure is sitting there and the foundation is doing the work of holding it stable so that nothing shifts and cracks as the ground changes over time. So you definitely don’t want anything hurting your foundation, and water can do just that. Gutters allow you to divert the rain that falls on your house so that it doesn’t flow into the ground around the foundation and weaken the structure.
Your Basement

If your basement has flooded, your know-it-all neighbor or your uncle probably told you that you needed to check your gutters before calling in the waterproofers – and they’re not wrong. As mentioned above, the rain that falls on your home, flows straight down the sides and sits around the foundation when you don’t have gutters. Any cracks you have in the foundation (and sometimes even the type of foundation you have) can allow water to seep into the basement and turn it into a swimming pool. When your gutters carry all the water away from the foundation, there is less to seep in through the walls.

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