Why Are Your Gutters Leaking?

Why Are Your Gutters Leaking?

What could be causing your gutters to leak? Join us as we find out what is going on.

Summer is almost over, and now fall is on its way. That means it’s time to inspect your home’s exterior and address any problems you might find. For instance, what could be causing your gutters to leak? Join us as we find out what is going on.

Leaking Gutters

The joints that hold your gutters together will eventually wear down. Once they have, you’ll start to notice more water damage.

This water damage is due to standing water that starts to collect in your gutters. If you already have gutter hangers, make sure to tighten them; if you don’t, then get some and add them to your gutter system. Let the joints dry off before you do anything else. The next step involves caulk and cement, and neither react well to being wet. The caulk will cover up any leaks that you find. However, you’ll need to use roofing cement to repair any leaks that have grown large enough to be called holes.

They’re Overflowing

Your gutters could also be leaking because they are overflowing. Although you might not immediately recognize that as a problem, all of that excess water can damage the walls and foundations of your house, which will weaken the structure’s integrity as a whole. There are several reasons why this happens.

For example, the gutters and their associated downspouts could be blocked. This blockage could easily lead to an overflow as there is too much water and not enough of an assist from gravity. Aging gutters also start to sag, which can only make the problem even more of a headache to deal with. If you think that’s bad, just wait until you find out that your gutters and downspouts are simply too small: this frustrating reality could be contributing to the problem, and you might not even realize it.

They’re Sagging

What are your gutters made of? At some point, they’ll be weighed down and start to bend and break.

However, you won’t know if your gutters are sagging or not until you actually look at them. Look for signs of standing water or water damage that happen to be inside the gutter. Take a level and measure the drop-off the gutter slope. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Just know that the drop should be about a quarter-inch for every ten feet of material. If something’s wrong, then you know you have to replace the hangers.

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