Soffits and Fascias for Your Home

Soffits and Fascias for Your Home

Whether you are attempting to fix up your roof by yourself or have called on the experts, don’t overlook the importance of soffits and fascias for your home.

Are you redoing your roof before the weather cools down? If so, are you a DIY enthusiast, or a homeowner who would prefer professional expertise for this task? These are important questions to answer. Whether you are attempting to fix up your roof by yourself or have called on the experts, don’t overlook the importance of soffits and fascias for your home.  

What Are Soffits and Fascias?

Soffits and fascias are two critical elements of your home’s exterior. You’ll find soffits underneath the rafter tails, while the fascia is somewhat different. The fascia can be seen more clearly than the soffits can since the fascia is more exposed at the ends of your home’s external supports. Both of these features give your house an aesthetic boost. It will also give your home a much more finished and sophisticated look while keeping out unwelcome visitors like bats, birds, and squirrels. Did you know you could also use these components to hide your attic vents?

What Are They Made Of?

Soffits and fascias are usually made using conventional materials such as aluminum and wood. However, synthetic and other engineered and composite materials are gaining favor with many homeowners because of how easy they are to maintain, not to mention how durable they prove to be. No matter what they’re made of, make sure your soffits and fascias are both properly installed and waterproofed since potential replacements can be more expensive than you’re willing to cover.

Some Basic Maintenance Tips

Cleaning Mold and Mildew: If you find mold or mildew growing on your soffits or fascias, don’t worry! It’s easier to clean off any mold you find than you might think. Grab a soft brush or a broom along with a simple cleaning solution concocted from bleach and water. These are all the supplies you will need to eliminate the mold and disinfect the mildewy surface.

Dealing with Insect Nests: Be on the lookout for beehives, hornet nests, and wasp nests. If the thought of climbing a ladder makes you nervous, or there are too many insects to handle, consider calling a professional to remove the nests for you instead.

Vinyl Fascia Installation: Are you installing your new vinyl fascia by yourself? In that case, you will want to make sure you cut the pieces of the vinyl longer than you need them to be. Whatever measurements you made before cutting, be sure that you exceed. What does doing this do? It allows you overlap the vinyl fascia on any exposed joints.

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