Tips for Removing Snow from Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing

Removing snow from flat roofing is essential to making sure you avoid a collapse.

As flat roofing by nature lacks incline, it makes it easy for snow to collect on top of it, rather than slide off as it would on a slanted roof. This can lead to extra weight on the roof which can negatively effect and potentially even collapse the entire structure beneath it if it gets too out of hand. This makes removing snow from your flat top roof in a timely manner essential. Below are steps for safe snow removal from flat roofing.

Clear The Ground Level

When you clear all of that snow off of your roof, it will have to fall somewhere. This is why inspecting your ground level is important. Make sure any objects that could be potentially damaged by falling snow are well out of the way. If possible do everything you can to prevent accidents by making sure people stay away from the area as you get the snow off of your roof.

Shovel Away Excess Snow

Place a ladder so you can climb it safely. Use a shovel to lift away piles of snow, but be sure to lay the shovel flat so you can avoid scraping your roof. Move over the entire surface of your roof to remove as much snow as possible.  

Sweep The Surface Of Your Roof

Sweep away the snow. Be sure to push it away off of the closest edge rather than across the surface of your flat roofing. Avoid applying too much pressure to avoid doing any excess damage to your roof.  

Use De-Icing Spray

Should you find ice hardened to your roof beneath the snow, do not scrape or chisel at it roughly, as you could do damage to your roof. This is a surefire way to crack or tear your flat top roofing, and do other expensive damage. Be sure to use de-icing spray, and follow the directions of whatever you choose very closely.

Don’t Forget Your Gutters

Sweep and clean out your gutters before they can become clogged by ice which can crack them.

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