Why‌ ‌is‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Roof‌ ‌Falling‌ ‌Apart?‌ ‌ ‌

Why is Your Roof Falling Apart?

At some point, your roof will fail you. That is just an unfortunate fact of life.

At some point, your roof will fail you. That is just an unfortunate fact of life. However, roofing experts are standing by to help you out whenever this happens. There are many different reasons why your roof could be starting to crumble, and not all of them are age-related. Here is more information about why your roof is wearing out and what you can do about it.

Insufficient Ventilation

Just like the rest of your home, your roof needs to have the proper amount of ventilation. Without that support, your roof will begin to deteriorate much faster than you want it to; this will, in turn, lead to numerous other problems that can suck up all of your time and money. As the weather cools down and temperatures drop, you don’t want the beams of your roof to shrink and expand over and over again, which can cause devastating amounts of damage. Plus, keeping your attic cool even late in the year is a bonus; this will make getting items out of storage much less onerous.

Incorrect Installation

Take a minute to think about how the roof was installed. A brand new roof needs to be installed as carefully as possible. That’s because the siding, gutters, and any other parts of the exterior will depend on the roof being stable. Unfortunately, when a roof is installed incorrectly, it causes a cascade effect that can affect the structural integrity of the rest of your home. With high winds, heavy rains, and snow and ice on the way, you don’t want the roof to be the weakest part of your home’s defenses against mother nature!

Low-Quality Materials

Your roofers shouldn’t cut corners by using low-quality materials. This can slow down the roof replacement process and ultimately decrease the lifespan of the roof once it has been placed. It’s not always worth to go with the cheapest option – remember that you get what you pay for! Higher-quality materials mean that your home’s roof will be sturdier and more durable!

Incompatible Flashing

How often do you think about the flashing? Probably not often, at least until something goes wrong. Although it might seem insignificant, having the right flashing installed can prevent massive water damage that can compromise the shingles and mortar. 

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