The History of Board and Batten Siding

board and batten siding

The thinner boards are used to fill the gaps between the larger boards.

Older, even historic, home designs have become more and more popular recently. From cedar shingles to split log siding, what some would consider to be outdated materials and designs are giving homeowners a classic look while homes are become more and more advanced. No design style combines these two ideas like vinyl board and batten siding.

Early Uses

The first American homes were what we think of today as “log cabin” style. Whole trees were laid and intersected at the corners of the home. The problem with this design, besides being supremely inefficient, was the ease of which cold winter air and rain could enter the house. Once saw mills were established trees were cut into boards and used for home making.

Board and Batten

After the frame of a house was built, the boards would be nailed to it. These boards were much more weather-proof than the log siding style, but there were still gaps between the boards. In order to seal these gaps, wooden strips a few inches wide were nails to the outside of the house where the boards met. The wooden strips were known as battens, and this style of siding became known as board and batten.

Present Times

Today, board and batten siding is used to give a home a certain aesthetic. Instead of the traditional wood, more modern vinyl board is used. Vinyl board and batten siding offers all of the advantages of modern siding, with its main advantage being that it is water and termite-proof. One great aspect of this style of siding is that each piece is individual of the rest of the system. So, if something happens to one of the board, that single board can be replaced without affecting the rest of the siding.

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